Harrods Wine Shop Refurbishment

The Harrods store is an amalgamation of five separate buildings with construction commencing in 1894 with incremental construction in secular form.

We have undertaken several schemes at Harrods, including this project which comprised the full refurbishment of an area to house the new Wines and Spirits department.

The surrounding store was occupied throughout and tested our team’s ability to mitigate disruption whilst working in a live environment.

Our works included the demolition and alteration of existing fixtures and fittings, and installations of high end display units, lighting features and high quality bespoke joinery. The M&E systems were also upgraded.

Inspired by the shop’s rich history and glory days during the 1920s, the wine shop’s aesthetic has an art deco edge whilst feeling current and fresh for today’s oenophiles and cigar enthusiasts.

The Logistical access and general site area were very limited, with a tight procedures to follow throughout the 24/7 project with no disruption to the Harrods customer base.

Materials were brought into the working area at the beginning of each day (prior to the store opening), and waste was removed each evening after the store closed.

92 Weeks