Tesla, Birmingham & West Drayton

These two projects were to create the first standalone showrooms and service centres for Tesla outside London shopping malls, and involved redesigning old showrooms to incorporate not only a showroom to house the cars, but ensure that the customers got a real feel for the Tesla brand. The innovation that Tesla required was in line with their strategy to incorporate a supercharging facility for current owners, aiming to allow the charging of the cars in 15 minutes to enable a 300 mile journey. This strategy to place these facilities in a spine up the country will mean that in future owners can go from one to the next with very little downtime for charging. Both locations incorporated a show room, a maintenance and servicing area as well as a supercharging facility. The superchargers involved installing a state of the art system in order to draw sufficient charge from the power network to enable the fast charging. The finishes were to TESLA high standards, and the reconfigurations involved removing partition walls, and a complete overhaul of the buildings.

Birmingham & West Drayton