The Spring Budget

Although the Spring Budget failed to be headline-grabbing, it did outline a number of measures that will have welcome knock-on effects with several provisions set to encourage and enable local construction and development across the UK.

With a combined £536m investment package promised for free schools, grammar schools and existing local authority schools, the Budget’s pledge to improve education infrastructure will not only reduce pressures on the currently overstretched education system, but will also provide a healthy pipeline of work for the construction sector.

The Budget also set aside a sizable allowance – £690m – to reduce local road congestion, along with an additional £113m to address pinch points on roads in the North and Midlands. With congestion inhibiting growth in many areas, solving the issue will make local places more attractive and viable to both businesses and potential workforces alike.

While the Spring Budget wasn’t ground-breaking, the collection of locally-focused measures will hopefully encourage more growth and development. All too often there is a focus on national measures so it was welcome to see the Government addressing local issues that not only matter to local people, but that will benefit local business too.