Tendering: Does it give you value for money?

Traditionally, when preparing to undertake a construction project the process involves employing an architect to prepare all the tender documents and drawings. You would then send these out to several contractors to receive quotes for the work, and more than likely pick the company which balances cost, time and quality most effectively.

At this stage the tender produced will unlikely be as detailed as it will eventually become, so you will need to include a provisional sum allowance and money for contingency until the design of the construction project has been fully signed off by all those involved.

Without using a professional design and build company like Conamar, the lengthy process of tendering, selecting your contractor and then working together to finalise the fine details of the project will continually increase the costs. It is also important to bear in mind that anything missed out in the design that hasn’t been priced for will be charged by the contractor.

During this early stage of the construction project it is very easy to lose track of the total budget, and it’s soon not value for money.

Alternatively, choosing a professional design and build company allows you to worry less about your budget and focus more on the overall design of the project. With our years of experience, we can anticipate and prepare for virtually all eventualities. A good design and build company will include all aspects of design and contracting in the budget and once that fee is set, it’s set. Unlike the traditional method, if aspects are missed from the design which require redesigns between the architect and the builders, it doesn’t cost you to fix it. The risk is with the company rather than yourself.

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