Proptech and how it’s shaping the construction industry

The industry is undergoing a huge revolution. With 2017 unofficially labelled ‘The Year of Proptech’, there are three areas that have already witnessed significant progress – both in terms of existing processes and final results.

With automation and integration transforming the construction industry, a wave of recent proptech initiatives is overhauling the way large-scale projects are monitored. Drones, GPS tracking devices and laser scanning are automating the traditionally manual process of site inspection, eliminating unnecessary costs and inefficiencies. And, by integrating previously siloed systems, the data gathered by drones can be used in real time to streamline processes.

With targets and timeframes for those operating at all levels of the construction industry becoming ever tighter, both small and large construction companies can benefit from technologies that allow them to work with agility and precision. Offsite construction and 3D printing are greatly reducing work times, especially in housebuilding.

However, with safety and compliance remaining priorities on-site, thanks to proptech, robotics are now able to undertake higher-risk tasks such as demolitions and heavy-duty lifting. Wearables are also improving safety within the industry, with augmented reality smart glasses and health trackers just two of the many gadgets now available to safeguard project teams. The possibilities of proptech are endless; it’ll be interesting to witness its development in the coming years and the continued improvements it could make to our industry.