Scape Regional Framework

The sole purpose of the Scape Procure framework is to make the procurement process easier, quicker and less complex for the end user, whilst fully complying with all legislation set out by EU/UK Procurement regulations.

Conamar is responsible for the Regional Construction framework East of England South, delivering construction projects ranging from £0-750k, for the public sector within Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex for the next four years.

Scape Group is a public-sector owned organisation, dedicated to creating ongoing efficiency and social value via the built environment. Scape understand the public sector and work for its benefit, providing the fastest available fully-compliant route to market.

The Scape Regional Construction framework has been configured to produce not just buildability advice, but highly functional buildings which are both visually impressive and efficient to run. The framework covers an array of services including:

Risk management
Project Management
Surveying and Design
Local Supply Chain Management
Health and Safety Advice
Client and Community Engagement
Local Training & Post Occupation Support

Scape’s framework management approach is collaborative and centred on partnerships; all projects and programmes are delivered through a defined process which facilitates a smooth experience and enables organisations, teams and people to work more effectively together.

Like Conamar, Scape is committed to helping the public sector secure socio-economic value. This includes facilitating high levels of local labour, local spend, waste reduction, sustainability, training and apprenticeships, as well as delivering community.

If you are a public sector authority within the three regions and have a project in mind then please check out our brochure and get in touch with the framework team.

Public Sector
Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex
4 Years