Saxon Pool

This project, procured via the Scape Group framework has been delivered by Conamar from initial feasibility study to handover.

The works comprised full refurbishment of the wet side changing rooms and pool side seating replacements.

Being delivered in a wet environment with chlorinated water has presented several risks to overcome, not least the need to apply specialist finishes to withstand long term exposure.

Any cutting works were delivered away from the poolside, with the working area completed sealed from the live areas to mitigate risk of dust traversing into the pool or public areas.

At the start of the project we liaised with the client over the most appropriate delivery programme and phasing, and it was agreed to deliver the works in 3 phases. Phases 1 & 2 saw half the accommodation in use, whilst the other half was being refurbished, with a week in-between to allow for decanting to the finished area.

For phase 3, we determined the safest way to deliver the works would be to shut down the pool for one week to deliver the new tiling to poolside, close to practical completion. Dates were specified to enable the client to fully plan ahead. Seven months later, we were exactly on programme to meet the set dates, and are on target to complete the specified works in line with the original contract programme.

Central Bedfordshire Council
Biggleswade, Bedfordshire
36 weeks
1 million