Premier Inn, Faversham

We are now on site with our second Premier Inn project, to construct a timber-framed 84-bed hotel at Faversham, Kent.

The hotel is part of a mixed-use development located adjacent to the M2 motorway, as as such we are coordinating our activities with those of other contractors on site to avoid disruption to the local highways and residents.

The programme of works is forty-six weeks which will include, a reduced level dig, substructure works including drainage, superstructure, envelope and roofing works followed by an internal fit-out and external landscaping works.

As the building is timber-framed, we have implemented additional fire protection measures on site, which includes monitored CCTV throughout the contract to ensure swift identification of any fire break outs. We will also be using fire points affixed to the frame during construction and have planned our works to avoid any activities which could potentially cause sparks during the construction works. All cutting activities are undertaken well away from the working area.

The finished building will provide an 84 bedroom hotel with restaurant, bar and reception area, all delivered to Premier Inn’s brand guidelines.

Premier Inn
Faversham, Kent
46 weeks