Days Inn Hotel, Cobham

This project comprises a two storey extension to an existing hotel at Cobham. The new extension will feature the same construction techniques and methods as the original building, aiming to provide a seamless extension in brick and blockwork. The existing / proposed blocks will be connected with two storey flat roof construction.

The building is an SFS framed construction with brick copper shingle cladding as the external surfaces. The roof will be a curved section Kalzip to match the existing.

In addition to the Hotel works, the existing amenities building link is being extended to both North and South, and we are delivering w new retail unit, set to become a Pizza Hut.

A children’s playground has also been created, with associated landscaping.

One of the most complicated aspects about this project has been the building remaining occupied throughout the contract. We have maintained safe, segregated access into the site and the hotel, and taken every care to project shared routes and adjacent buildings from dust, dirt or damage.

Noise and vibration are further concerns which are being constantly monitored to ensure they do not exceed set levels. We liaise daily with the hotel to understand their business needs, and have been allowing for “quiet times” at strategic points through out the day.

Extra MSA Group
45 Weeks