Whether you are looking to refurbish your existing office space, renovate an unused part of your building, or transform a section of your property for another purpose, Conamar Building Services has the skills and experience to ensure your project is a complete success. With previous experience in many different sectors we’ve had to adapt our style of working to suit each specific project and can negotiate the complexities of each working environment.

Our refurbishment projects often occur in live working environments, so we ensure that we cause as little disruption to your business as possible, whilst also ensuring that the work is completed on time and on budget. This is particularly challenging in some sectors such as the Healthcare sector where the wellbeing and privacy of patients is crucial. We systematically plan our refurbishment process so that the internal transformation of the building does not interfere or create too much disturbance for the public.

For over 40 years we have been helping businesses in London and the Home Counties identify their development goals and produce modern interior design that aligns with their company culture. Our services include office fitting, joinery, carpentry, flooring, building works, electrical and plumbing installations and painting and decorating. But we do everything from initial feasibility study to the completion and handover.

If you think we’d be able to help you with your next building and refurbishment project, please don’t hesitate to get in touch or give us a call on 01438 365142.

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