COVID-19 Management

Our Senior Management Team are committed to following the official UK government advice and will continue to issue updates to all staff and sites in a prompt manner. Daily briefings and regular Tool Box Talks are being carried out, keeping all operatives on site informed.

How our procedures have changed in light of the pandemic

We have amended our working practices to ensure we are compliant with government guidelines and incorporate the requirements of each update as it is issued.

All our sites are following the Construction Leadership safe site operating procedures and government advice, with updated advice regarding social distancing. Copies of this guidance, as well as CITB Tool box talks used for training, are available on request.

Subcontractor RAMS have also been adapted to reflect the current situation (also available on request). These RAMS include an assessment of the amount of trades people in an area to carry out the required activity, and any appropriate COVID-prevention PPE required.

How we are protecting our staff and subcontractors on site from the spread of COVID-19

Arrival on site – Current guidelines include staggering start times to reduce congestion, and all persons washing hands for at least 20 seconds on entering the site.  We have also stopped using fingerprint scanners on entry.

Site entrances will be marked with distance lines to help aid the social distancing measures. Hand sanitizer and other products will be kept at our entrance and exits, and in any shared areas, such as the canteen.

Cleaning – We have upscaled the cleaning regime to regularly disinfect all common contact surfaces and areas. Any shared access routes and areas will be routinely sanitized and kept clean.

Temperature Checks – All personnel will have their temperature taken before entering site; if the scanner reads higher than 38 degrees, the person will be denied access to site and will be asked to return home immediately, interfacing with as few people as possible. 

Equipment – PPE must be regularly sanitised, and not shared. Tools and plant are sanitised between uses.

Centeens – Canteens now have additional space between seats, and breaks are staggered to reduce the amount of people in the space at any one time. A circulation plan will be in place with stickers on the floor to ensure operatives follow the planned route.

Deliveries – Where loading and unloading arrangements on site will allow it, drivers remain in their vehicles. Where drivers are required to exit their vehicle, they should wash or sanitise their hands before handling any materials.

Obviously, this is an ever changing and a rapidly developing situation, so all documents and site working procedures are kept under constant review and in accordance with all guidance on preventing the spread of COVID-19. All contractor Risk and Method Statements must follow the latest Operating Procedures and where work cannot be implemented within these parameters, then work will not take place.