Who we are

Conamar Building Services Limited is a family owned construction company based in Hertfordshire. Our company activities extend to construction projects, building works and contracting. Our supply chain includes the use of specialist contractors and sub-contractors.

We recognise that our industry is susceptible to slavery and human trafficking and as such the Company takes steps to alert our staff and management to the risks, however small in our business and to be our eyes and ears whilst out on site, and to report any concerns. We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern-day slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain or indeed any part of our business or operation.

Policy Statement

Our policy sets out the Company’s approach to managing this issue within our industry sector. We are committed to ensuring that there is no modern-day slavery or human trafficking in our business or any part of our supply chain. Our policy statement reflects our public commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and business partnerships, and to implementing effective monitoring systems to ensure that human trafficking and slavery is not present in any part of our business or supply chain.

Risks and Monitoring

Working in the UK, the main risk of incidents within our business lies mainly with our sub-contractors and suppliers of labour, with particular risk from overseas providers of materials or labour.

With regards to our supply chain, Conamar Building Services operates a preferred supplier system whereby we ensure suppliers are aware of the issues surrounding modern slavery, how to eradicate it, and do not knowingly or unknowingly take part in this practice. This includes ensuring that all workers are paid at least the minimum wage, and that employed staff have the right to work in the UK and aware of their employment rights within the UK. We audit our supply chain on commencement and regularly thereafter to ensure these practices are maintained.

To date we have not discovered any reports or findings to the contrary and we will continue to monitor both our own and our supplier’s adherence to this. Our sub-contractors have reviews as part of the process to become preferred suppliers and at the start and close of projects, and compliance with the Modern Slavery Act is one of the core questions they are required to answer and give evidence of their compliance.

Eligibility to Work in the UK

As part of our standard employment process, we check right to work in the UK by taking a photocopy of the individual’s passport and recording their National Insurance number. The passport must clearly show the expiry date, applicant details (date of birth, nationality, etc) and any endorsements (eg a work visa). If the applicant does not have a passport, we will accept a birth certificate.

We then use the online government “right to work” service to check eligibility. The copy of the applicant’s passport will be held on their personnel file, which is restricted access under the Data Protection and GDPR acts. Only on confirmation of rights to work will a formal offer of employment be made.

We pre-vet our subcontractors prior to order placement to ensure they meet our minimum criteria; this includes checking they have a robust checking and monitoring procedure to ensure all workers are legal to work in the UK.

Zero Tolerance

Modern Slavery encompasses slavery, servitude, human trafficking and forced labour. Conamar Building Services Ltd work to a zero-tolerance approach to these practices and has put systems and controls in place to safeguard against any form of modern slavery or human trafficking taking place within our own business or our supply chain.

Policies and Training to address Modern Slavery

Our Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy sets out our stance on modern slavery and explains how our employees can identify any instances, where they can go for help and guidance, and what the next steps will be.  Our whistleblowing policy explains how staff can raise legitimate concerns. All our staff have access to these policies. Training is given to all staff to highlight the risks in our business and supply chain and the appropriate steps to take should any staff become suspicious of modern slavery taking place.

Conamar Commitment

The Directors and Staff of Conamar Building Services Limited are wholly aware of their responsibilities to eradicate Modern Slavery in accordance with good business practice, and are committed as individuals and as a business to ensuring that our company and supply chain are not involved in modern slavery. Should any employees be found to be participating or tolerating this practice they will be subject to disciplinary proceedings up to and including dismissal. If any suppliers (including contractors or sub-contractors) are found to be participating in these unlawful practices their contract with Conamar Building Services will be terminated.

For the sake of transparency, this statement is published on our Company website.

Neil Dower
Managing Director
November 2023