Four Common Mistakes When Converting A Building

If you’re building is close to full occupancy and space is tight to continue to operate your business or service, then you’re probably thinking about converting an unused area of your building and dramatically changing its purpose. But before you go ahead with starting the building project and construction, make sure you don’t commit these four serious mistakes! You could save yourself a lot of time and trouble further down the line.

Using the Wrong Contractors

Some building contractors are perfect for home conversions, some are more experienced in the hospitality trade, some may have a good working knowledge of all industries. What you need to do is be sure that you’re choosing the right team for your specific project. Choosing an inexperienced team based on price may result in hefty costs later when you realise, they were not able to match your vision.

Conamar have the necessary expertise to advise you on the issues for your particular project, and provide a team with the relevant experience in comparable developments to deliver your project to your expectations. Having an experienced team with a good understanding of construction in your sector will increase the chances of your vision being replicated into the final design and build. If you find a company that you’re comfortable with you won’t feel the need to supervise the project all the time and can concentrate on other more important aspects. Conamar work with our clients to ensure we are meeting their needs, giving them peace of mind over the eventual outcome.

Failure to Prepare

Take your time when reading and checking through the final plans, once they are in motion it will be harder to halt the project and make changes. The same goes for the final scope, make sure you check this thoroughly and question everything, if something is missing, never assume it will be included when the ball is rolling. Things can get missed out during the many lengthy conversations you’ll have, and if something is not in the final scope, then chances are it won’t be in the final build without incurring extra costs and time delays.

Making Rash Decisions

Going right back to the start of the journey, you’ll want to make sure that the building project is feasible and provides the right solution to your problem. If for example you are looking to increase office space, you might find it makes sense to invest in a larger existing office, rather than converting old storage space into an office. Get as many opinions as you can as once you commit to a decision there’s no going back. Conamar are able to deliver a project from initial sketch ideas and feasibility studies all the way through to completion. So if you are thinking about starting a construction project, get in touch and we will be happy to help you determine the best way forward.

Spending Too Much Budget on Interior Fitout

Everyone wants the latest technology and gadgets and providing the best experience for their staff and customers, but this all costs money. When you start the conversion project, you’ll have a budget set. Even if your building quote comes in under this budget, it’s not wise to commit the entire budget; there will always be building complications and changes that you’d like to make as the design becomes a reality. If you invest in fitting out the interior of your conversion before its finished, you may not even have a finished conversion to put your new equipment and furniture into! Conamar offer market tested prices from our pre-vetted supply chain, so we can give cost certainty as early as possible in the process.

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