Celebrating Success During National Apprenticeship Week: Sam’s Journey at Conamar

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, it’s a moment to shine a spotlight on the achievements and progress of our apprentices who are shaping their futures within the construction industry. One standout story is that of Sam, who embarked on his apprenticeship journey with Conamar as a Quantity Surveyor in June 2023.  

Sam’s interest in construction was sparked by his A-level studies in Geology, leading him to explore the field further and eventually steering him towards Quantity Surveying and Construction Management. His passion for the industry was further nurtured at Nottingham Trent University, where he is currently pursuing a degree in the subject. It was through an agency that Sam found his way to Conamar, attracted by the opportunities we offer. Since joining us, Sam has demonstrated exceptional ability and commitment on several projects, proving to be a valuable asset to our team. 

The transition from a budding interest in geology to becoming an apprentice quantity surveyor has been a remarkable journey for Sam. His initial fascination with construction led him to delve into the commercial aspects of the industry, where he discovered a love for client interaction. Sam appreciates the clarity and transparency required in liaising with clients, a skill he has honed while working on various schemes at Conamar. His enthusiasm for the work and the industry is palpable. “Having worked at Conamar for a number of months now, I’ve come to love the industry as a whole, and the culture at the company has allowed me to work as a member of a highly motivated and experienced team,” Sam reflects. This experience has not only enhanced his skills in quantity surveying but has also integrated him into the broader construction community. 

Looking to the future, Sam is determined to complete his degree and achieve chartership, aspiring to become a chartered member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). His ambition doesn’t stop there; Sam aims to tackle bigger and more valuable projects at Conamar, seeking to expand his expertise and make a significant impact on the industry. 

At Conamar, we are incredibly proud of Sam’s achievements and the strides he has made in such a short time. His journey is a shining example of how apprenticeships can pave the way for a promising career, offering practical experience and academic knowledge side by side. As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we look forward to supporting Sam and all our apprentices in their endeavours, helping them grow into skilled professionals who will lead the future of construction. 

Sam’s story is a beacon of inspiration for anyone considering an apprenticeship in construction. It demonstrates the opportunities for growth, learning, and professional development that are available when companies like Conamar and committed individuals come together. As we continue to celebrate the achievements of our apprentices this week, we are reminded of the vital role they play in our industry’s present and future.